MSP Technology Stack: MSP Hardware And Software Tools For Effective Solutions

Joe Pannone
1 min readDec 31, 2020

Technology and solutions form the lifeblood of MSPs. In fact, there are more MSP revenues derived from the services sold to the clients of MSPs. These services are founded primarily on MSP technology stack to create solutions that MSPs choose, device and exploit.

In line with this, having the right stack of technology provides the best chance of success. Some tools include management software and remote monitoring. Others include accounting and financial tools. However, to ensure work efficiency and effectiveness, your MSP technology stack must address all the needs of your clients’ businesses.


The hardware is one of the two key components of the technology stack of MSPs. This is composed of the following:

  • Workstations including laptops and personal computers.
  • Network equipment including network routers, servers, and switches.
  • Servers and storage such as thin clients, servers, SAN, NAS, external hard drives, and others.
  • Telephone solutions

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Joe Pannone

30 Year MSP veteran. CEO and Founder of Forza technology Solutions, ForzaDash and CWDash.